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The root cause is building on the foredune. Thats awesome. Lol. It never went to a vote of councillors, where it would have been likely voted down . Perhaps the omission was because in 2002, protestors, led by Brendan Donohoe and Surfrider Foundation founder Tom Kirsop, formed a line in the sand stretching from Collaroy to Narrabeen opposing the construction of any seawalls. Surely, private properties can be protected but public amenities will require huge ongoing costs to keep up with the public requirement (sand nourishment is the first thing that comes to mind). I will check with him and report back. I've looked at the general location plan of the cables and it seems there is a good say 500m- 1000m distance between groups of them along the beach, and they are buried for the first 500m out from the shore, so I would say there is a good chance of working within those areas in consultation with the cable authorities. Sorry to go hard on your story like that but I feel we need to keep the science at the forefront of all coastal engineering discussions. More than likely entombed in one of those tetrapod molds you mentioned above. Now a 7 metre-high, concrete, vertical seawall has been built in front of private properties on Collaroy/Narrabeen beach. Was it some random guy off the street? You said "They get paid to do what they are told to do" Were they told told to design a system that would not work for the purpose and only exacerbate the problem? I watched a 4 corners or foreign correspondent thing last year on the Japan sea walls. In the Doc below, They advised to do more Numerical modeling [Physics simulations] to be sure of the walls effect. I find the whole thing fascinating, I had guys from the council to my face tell me of a future with 52 day heatwaves & in the same breath tell me of being concerened about extreme cyclones & erosion. >>Really dumb idea. This is not a defence of the structure or the owners, just recognition that the protection of the main north south artery on the northern beaches was a factor. They were concerned the sand directly in front of the seawall would be washed away, eroding their beach, and, on Tuesday, that's exactly what happened. Both Brendan Donohoe and Angus Gordon, and other people Swellnet spoke to, admit to being blindsided by the construction. Check this out. The thing is, the existing site was fine except a motorway was about to be built straight through it. Photograph: Northern Beaches Council Library Local Studies. Collaroy Sea Wall With such close proximity to the ocean, our client tasked us with producing an alternative to the commonly used polystyrene forms. Get access to long-range forecasts, hourly graphs and ad-free webcams. You may call me names, but the facts still stand. Seems from my research, we have actually made a lot of progress towards physics-based numerical modeling of near-shore/beach environments in the last 20 years or so. Thanks, Lilas, I agree with there being challenges inherent in generalising, but I'm going to resist the temptation to take our shared pedantry down the rabbit hole this time! Make his name famous: Peter Horton. Imagine the carnage during the next ECL. Last Wave inalways team up with surf buddies to safely exit yer local Seachange Monstrosity. However, theres an irony that could've beenliftedstraight out of a script for Utopia. First it was a track. All they are protecting are some pretty sparse land and some rice fields a couple of hundred metres inland. that would be awesome location for JOb or other jackasses to film fun vids. Has been for a while. The State Government essentially provided the compensation for the business to relocate to another 'suitable' site. Shop unique custom made Canvas Prints, Framed Prints, Posters, Tapestries, and more. As hostile native rescue party moves in for the killOh the Humanityreads Humilityreads Kook! A few pics. If it were replicated along vulnerable areas of the NSW coast (and that of other states) we would never be able to afford adaptation. Fight the good fight mate. My comment was maybe too obscure but was meant to be sarcastic. There are 11 parcels of public land (including the Collaroy carpark, South Narrabeen Surf Club, reserves and road ends) interspersed between 49 private parcels of land that require protection. Looks like the council are aware of the liability concerning the still submerged rocks. And it would also provide some useful evidence for fighting against any similar future proposals. Seawalls form a defining line between sea and land. Mind you theyve only been around for a year. They are multi millionaire asset owners. Yep pretty significant increase in the height. The role of the council in all this might come out if people push hard enough. And I previously worked in a firm that did work in this area (it's not my specific expertise but I get the broad concepts). Sure if youve bought the last 5 years ignorance cant be an excuse, but theres nothing wrong with wanting to live on the beach. And without getting too political its a good chance that the persons who own these properties will be liberal voters so called free marketers who abhor the intervention of government in their day to day life.. except when it concerns their interests.. Nup it is anchored to the bedrock. The Act was introduced by Rob Stokes, the NSW Minister for Planning and member for Pittwater. Instead they provide a caveat for bulldozing sand from low on the beach to higher on the beach in times of heightened storm activity - which only lowers the beachs natural defence system. Embed Forecast. Link any useful papers youve found. 5 min [P] Call of the Wild skinny dip at yer local Sea-Walljust doing wot comes natural! It ran northwards around the back of the lagoon and on toward what is now Collaroy Beach. No fuckers complained about the rebar reef. But, they just persist time and time again. This is the only plausible outcome from the hard seawall construction and the engineers would have known this. The problem is one of vertical fiscal imbalance. What a mess. However, the work then continued skyward with a seven metre vertical concrete wall on top of the foundations. How's that space travel and trip to MARS coming along, you blokes? There's only a loss to be made for the purchases. That is why this option was selected for Palm Beach Qld, and I think should be considered for all the other coastal erosion hotspots along the NSW coast as well. Our timber guide wall formwork is not only reusable and 100% recyclable, it also prevents dangerous polystyrene fragments from entering the ecosystem. Im presuming that sand delivery's from the lagoon will be an ongoing thing. Mr Horton said current conditions have exposed a temporary rock bund that was put in place to protect the construction site, but it will be removed when works are complete. If they approached the landowners then the most they would be offered is market value. I posted links to the relevant council pages in the previous story. Thanks so much zen! The facts stand as such, an Engineer/s designed this monstrosity and no amount of excuses can change that. we all end up paying for it directly if we haven't already e.g. I wouldnt have thought there would be much fetch? Damaged houses and a collapsed swimming pool at Collaroy beach after waves of up to 8 metres hit the coast on June 6, 2016. Might chat about it at some point Craig Brokensha, and anyone with deeper connections or insights, feel free to pass me their contacts and we can compare notes and research and discussion points. I like the cut of your pedantic job, there Lilas. Might discuss that with @surfriderfoundation and Surfrider Foundation Sunshine Coast, and those people and localised groups finding themselves in positions of having to fight this idiocy. Around 80 percent of the cost will be shouldered by the property owners themselves while the remaining 20 percent will be jointly funded by the Northern Beaches Council and the NSW government. Surely going to get all crazy reverb and backwash stripping their sand more rapidly as well. Initial reports claim Marcio Friere wasn't wearing an inflatable vest when he was held down in large waves. Tetrapods work but don't protect the adjacent beach very well unless there are multiple groynes. Collaroy has a long history of property erosion, yet a century after it was first documented theres no consensus about how it should be managed. There's been a lot of work done to gain a better understanding of the value of the beach re both market and non-market economic benefits. Premium ad-free surfcams, dawn surf reports, and more had been lodged 18 months earlier in July 2018, which is why the video is so interesting. I would rather have seen the money go into a couple of California style piers. Also, ALL the Numerical modeling was done in comparison to the current altered beach-state and NOT to a natural beach-state so there is bias in modeling things that way even though the beach state is not natural any more. For me, the value of these properties is in the negatives and at the very least, its a big fat round calamari. "Environmental vandalism or gross negligence?". It will still be a bargain now compared to 60 years from now if they do the same. The owners of those properties must have the most amazing collection of dirt on the political class. there is no excuse for purchasing a property on the beach in the last 30 years let alone 5 without an inkling of understanding of the risks. Engineered to Australian Standards. Great article.. @Craig The beach has remained under threat since that time, with additional erosion occurring during subsequent storms. The area has been slowly receding due to storm damage - theres evidence of erosion dating back to the 1920s - while at the same timebeing intensely researched by coastal geographers. And as I said in my first comment that is because of the road. Please include direct and indirect costs. "We have the Tools and imagination" Just ugly, clog up the waterways etc. San Sebastian surfers are fighting a wavepool in their hometown, which is also the hometown of Wavegarden's founder. An "Engineer/s" designed this monstrosity and other "Engineers" approved it. info a new build now paid by the public purse. Stupid dumbfucks. But obviously no owners want to give up tax free capital gains.. dunno has to be a solution that doesnt destroy the beach like collaroy or completely crush home owners, they arent all pricks. Good point, however wouldn't a potential buyback theoretically drive the price up? Stick your comments up your arse fuckwit engineers dont approve shit like this they get paid to do what they are told direct your retarded comments at millionaire house owners and council you piece of shit. I have limited state / lga experience but my perception is this broader thinking can get lost in short term self interest (putting it politely) as touched on by BB and others. Narrabeen and Collaroy residents hold signs and protest their opposition towards the sea wall extension plans in November 2012 In November 2002, Harmer and Donohue led a protest against a $12 million sea wall, proposed by Warringah Council, with 3000 people linking arms along a 1.1km stretch of beach. In the other pic you can see the completed section of the wall. That this kind of construction was approved with the obvious impacts on the public domain (the beach) simply beggars belief, and the real focus should be on the process to consider the design options and then issue the approval. These are the taxpayer funded grants that LGAs will apply for, to repair the wall. Here's a screengrab from the website about the proposed breakwall extension: It seems that the main concern about the extension is the interruption of the natural flow of sand onto Mooloolaba beach and hence increased erosion risk. Rise seems nearly double than the run. In the future, the problems may well be exacerbated by the above but they did not cause it "in the first place". The total contribution of both the Council and the State is $3.46 million, which is 20 percent of the total cost of construction. Avoiding these types of impacts has been part of state coastal management policy around the country for the past 30 years. That's crazy stuff. btw- that one is a tiddler compared to what they have here. Have you done a study already? It didn't last long and within 12 hours the sand that was built up against the near finished first wall was 2/3rds washed away. Is Carties a perfect candidate for a coastal engineering and resculpting project that kills two birds with one stone: that fixes the harbour entrance shoaling problem and turns Carties into an actual quality wave? I've written about it before but the real reason here is money- it is massive pork-barreling on an unprecedented scale. She had reigned as Queen for 70 years. Records show the DA for the Collaroy Seawall had been lodged 18 months earlier in July 2018. Only thing that would be better if they made a foot path on top of it so wheel chair bandits and a like get to use the cost line as well, "Or boarding a jumbo jet to go for a surf and buy the latest board all things responsible for the needing of the wall in the first place.". Stop wasting money and do something that will achieve the intended goals. The reef/sand nourishment are both mainly designed to widen and protect the public property, ie the beach, in front of the buried seawall.

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